About Us

A Su Servicio! At Your Service!

It’s more than a tagline. It is our pleasure to serve our customers, and to commit to providing you with high-level service and quality products. It’s how we do business!

The Jalimex Family

Jalimex Foods Corp is a family owned company that has grown over the past 38 years to become a key source for Mexican Restaurants in California. Over the years we have honed our ability to procure quality products to best serve our customers’ needs. Originally established in San Jose in 1979, Jalimex Foods recognized the opportunity to provide authentic products that were unavailable or very difficult to find,  to the few but increasingly popular Mexican Restaurants in California. Throughout the years, the demand for the authentic and unmistakable flavor of these Latin dishes grew rapidly. Jalimex grew along with the growing demand and over the years became a primary purveyor of domestic and imported products. Nowadays we have expanded our business to Southern California as well as servicing the majority of Northern California. We are honored to serve the talented people who bring the authentic flavors, spirit and the dining experience to patrons daily.

From the start, our company was established as a family business, and to this day it is operated as such. At Jalimex Foods we always remember that in order to be successful we must do everything in our power to provide our customers the products and services they require. We will strive to always run our business with the same goal in mind: To honor and preserve the family-like relationships between our customers and Jalimex Foods for a lifetime of mutual success.

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